Gasoleo calefaccion a domicilio en Alicante

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At ZARCAR we have spent 25 years supplying Companies, homes and Alicante provinces most important places.

We negociate with the major Companies on the market enabling us to obtain the best product at the best price Diesel A+ diesel B+ agricultural and fisheries and Diesel C+ and heating .


We have a modern fleet provided with the upmost advanced technology, meteorology and VISA payment system ensuring a secure and safe delivery undertaken by rigourous inspections and ratings as per the current legislation.


At Zarcar we provide only first generation products which guarantee the total satisfaction of our customers.


In 2007 we also incorporated the AENOR quality stamp therefore guaranteeing our quality policy.


Thank you for trusting in Zarcar.


At Zarcar we are into the fourth generation of service station businesses.

A long way from the years gone monopoly of CAMPSA has guaranteed us and when they went , we were pioneers independently running the service stations fighting for the best prices, quality and sevice for our customers striving for direct discounts and a personalised service.

At the same time that our service stations go forward we always provide our installations of everything necessary hoping to satisfy our customers. latest generation car wash systems, fast repairing workshops and an excellent restaurant option make us a reference in our area.